dmcnlogoDisease Management Coordination Network (DMCN)

DDI partnered with healthcare specialists to develop DMCN, an innovative software solution for Disease Management/Case management. DMCN is used by healthcare institutions and provider networks with a drive for improving the healthcare of their patients, while intelligently managing the costs of care. DMCN provides a proactive or “push” system of notifications that alert care providers of events that may affect their patient. In addition, DMCN performs a variety of analyses, based on patient data, medical diagnoses, insurance claims, along with expert physician provided rules and statistical techniques to assist in patient care.

To assist in care planning, DMCN provides a variety of assessment instruments for managing chronic conditions, including asthma, diabetes, and congestive heart failure. A key feature of the DMCN product is the interface with emergency room data for analysis and generation of alerts for case managers.

careDMCN for NFP

DDI saw a need to provide a Case management tool that would not only provide quality data management and national reporting capabilities for the local NFP programs, but also provide tools that assist the program on a local community level. Through this need the NFP module was built to complement the existing DMCN infrastructure.

This product allows for the local community level organizations to provide a cost effective data management tool that fits their needs on the local and national level.